Lisa Mischelle ,  

is a Multi-Dimensional Life                  Coach Facilitator 


It Is my mission to help people discover what is in the way of having a deeper, richer, and more meaningful life that is full of purpose. 

I do this by working from The Akashic Record System to read the aspects of yourself.

You have many many aspects that make up you being you.   If you imagine that you are staring in a play.  Of course you are the main character of the play because it is your life.  There are many aspects in this current life and previous lives that influence who you are.

Removing and/or lessoning some of the negative aspects and enhancing the positive aspects can be an enlightening and freeing experience.   This can be a lifelong pursuit with many benefits and rewards.

I have the ability with The Akashic Record Keepers to see what is taking place behind the scene and help you direct yourself so that it works out the way it is intended.  My sessions include contributions from your Akashic Record keepers as well as from the insights that I am gifted with.  It is this manner that you receive Multi-Dimensional Life Coaching. 

     Areas  The Akashic Record Readings cover but are not limited to the following:

Love and Relationships 

The truth about yours, past, present or maybe?




Purpose, Soul Purpose, Life Purpose, Or the Why behind the event etc.   

Guidance and Clarity for Future Goals and Desires and Direction.




Your Gifts , Your Spiritual Path

The Inner Growth Path

Session are held on the Zoom platform and are in Mountain Standard Time Zone